6 style hacks starring humble products

Who doesn’t love a good hack, especially if it stars our fave humble products! Check out some of these go-to hacks, BFF to the girl-on-the-go:


Clear nail polish: If you are allergic to costume jewelry and still need your statement necklace fix, just paint the reverse side of your necklace with clear nail paint. The varnish acts as a barrier and your skin won’t react with the metal. This also protects your jewelry against tarnish.

PS: A stroke of clear nail polish on a small hole or run in your tights can slow down its rapid laddering.


Talcum powder: A sprinkle in time can save your favorite blouse! Next time you drop a dash of curry or any kind of greasy food on your clothes, sprinkle some powder (before wash) and let it sit for a few hours. The powder will absorb the grease stains, just dust off the excess powder and wash the clothes as instructed on the label.


Vaseline: That little jar is a real hero. From fixing a stuck zipper to transforming into dewy eye shadow and evening out scruffy patent leather, petroleum jelly is one hard worker.


Baby shampoo: Run out of brush cleanser? Just did your makeup brushes in water and give them a gentle wash with baby shampoo. Voila!    


Washcloth: Are you fed up of deodorant stains ruining your precious clothes? Just grab a washcloth and go rub-rub-rub.


Steam: Technically steam is not a product but it makes our list due to its sheer helpfulness. Next time you hop into the shower, take your dress with you. Hang it inside the bathroom and watch the crease disappear. You’re welcome.



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