Nail Your V-Day Look//A Kate Spade Inspired Manicure

Ready to kick things up this Valentines Day? LT Ambassador Emily gives us the 101 on how to rock the perfect mani inspired by our fabulous Kate Spade collection

What you need:

– Assortment of Glitter (you can find them at any craft shop)

– White Nail Polish

– Top Coat (I am in LOVE with CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat, seriously lasts over  7 days)

– Sharpie markers

– Eye Shadow Brush

step 1.jpeg

Disclaimer: Glitter will be everywhere. It will move into every possible crevice of your home, show up unexpectedly and somehow constantly be on your face. But hey, if the glitter beard is a thing on the guys… we can rock it too.


– Start with 2 coats of white nail polish.


– Add one layer of top coat on the nails that you are going to draw on with a sharpie.

– Draw out ideas of what patterns you want to do, on paper beforehand.


– Carefully draw on your nails with the sharpie (maybe don’t have 6 cups of coffee, like I did, before you do this).


– Strategically paint inside the sharpie lines, with the top coat, to apply glitter on only part of your nail.


– Brush, tap, dip, press glitter on the wet portion of the nail.


– I tried an ombre effect with two different colors of glitter on my ring finger: Paint top coat + apply one color of glitter. Paint more top coat + apply different color of glitter.




– I attempted to replicate this on my right hand, which proved to be insanely difficult (why can’t I just be ambidextrous!?)


– Add one last layer of top coat over all of your nails.

– et VoiLA! a kate spade inspired manicure perfectly fit for your Valentine’s Day!


Still feeling the love? Shop Kate Spade >


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