Celebrating YOU this V-day!

February 14 is usually dedicated to love; why don’t you dedicate it to loving YOU?

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.20.57 PM

  1. Do something that completely relaxes you. Brunch with your family followed by a  long walk with your dog or a lazy lavender bath accompanied with candles and a magazine or (very optimistically both) — take time to unwind.
  2. Ditch what you are “supposed’ to be doing and do something completely different. (Yes, you are allowed to bunk yoga and go window shopping instead).
  3. Phone a friend. Make that call you have been meaning to.
  4. Dare yourself. Try a new fashion trend or make that big life change, challenge yourself. 
  5. Tick off any one thing from your list. Whether you have been putting away decluttering your closet, donating your kids’ toys or finishing that book you started weeks ago. Get something done. It feels great!
  6. Make yourself a candle lit dinner at home? Mac and cheese or rolling some sushi, whatever your game level is, make it fancy and light a couple of candles. And pop open a small bottle of bubbly? What are we celebrating? You!

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