Ace Your Next Style Share!

Looking good & feeling great — so why not share your style with us? Here are 10 things to help you nail your next Style Share:

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Let there be light: Lighting can make or break a photograph so try to find some natural light. If you can’t go outside to take a picture, snap near near a window or well-lit hallway. Your desk or dinner table are okay too — some quick photo edits and fixes, and your style is ready to be shared!

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Practice  those selfies: Selfies may seem easy peasy but a great one doesn’t click itselfie! Turn your front camera on and practise away. Selfies are an especially effective way to focus on your accessory. So if your style share involves earrings, a necklace or your on-point collar game, selfies are the best bet.

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Rule of thirds selfie: The Renaissance artists used to keep some space in their paintings for better composition and the same rule can be applied to nailing a great selfie. Imagine your camera screen divided into nine equal squares. Now click a picture so that your face occupies the left, right, top or bottom third, never the middle.

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Find a friend: The front camera is a great invention but it just doesn’t do justice to your entire outfit. So find a friend and get help for your next style share.

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Pose with a friend: Or better still, find a fellow Le Toter and pose with her. You might have to find a third friend to click this picture but it will be so worth it!

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If it’s a bathroom selfie, do a quick background check: Sure, it’s very tempting to take a picture right after you gave yourself finishing touches in the bathroom but not so fast! Do a background check. No one wants to see a great look disturbed by a messy pile of towels or a porcelain throne!

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Mirror mirror: Sometimes that thing on the wall is the best way to nail your style share. Try a few angles, a sideway angle works better than a straightforward front shot, you can choose to hide your face or put the phone lower around the shoulder or waist level to include your makeup and hair too. Just make sure the flash is off and you don’t catch any unwanted reflections in the mirror! And feel free to dress up your phone too!

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Prop it up: Build a conversation picture with the right ingredients. Statement sunglasses, the cutest puppy, a bunch of fresh cut tulips and a big smile never let a picture down.

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Feel the mood: One day you feel like the fish face, another day the duck face, a particular dress makes you smile wide and sometimes that moto jacket wants to make you do the too cool for school Kendall Jenner squint. Feel the vibe and don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then.   

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Have fun with it: It’s important to enjoy yourself and have fun while taking the picture. If you feel confident, it will come across in the photo. Once all done, just upload it on And now there’s one more reason to post that picture — if you are chosen as the Style Share of the week, you get $25 in purchase credit. Yay!


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