Take Your Holiday Outfit From Office To Party

Have holiday outfit anxiety? LT Ambassador Erin reveals her 3 go-to pieces that take you straight from the office to any festivity!

“With the holiday party season approaching you might be stressing out a bit trying to figure out how you’re going to get everything done on your to do list AND show up to the party looking put together. Here’s a tip: You only need three pieces to take an outfit from the office to the party!” 


“Having these three items in your closet (or Tote!) will save you time and stress because you won’t have to rush home between the office and the soiree to change. As long as you have a black blazer, a fun dress and a statement necklace you are good to go.”


“While you’re at work wear the blazer over the dress and swap out the necklace for a scarf. Once it hits 5PM ditch the scarf for the statement necklace, leave the blazer behind, and you’re ready to party!” 

Shop Holiday Looks >

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