Le Tote Lifestyle: My Journey With Maternity

Get the inside scoop on our maternity subscription from LT Ambassador Bernadette: How to style your totes, how the subscription works, and the perks that come along with it!

“At 33 weeks pregnant I received by first Le Tote Maternity tote and it couldn’t have come sooner! I got wind of Le Tote’s new maternity subscription earlier this year and breathed a big sigh of relief knowing that I’d be able to supplement my wardrobe with new maternity pieces in my last trimester. Let’s face it, buying a whole new wardrobe to accommodate my pregnant body and personal style aesthetic was/is not a feasible option. So, having the ability to try out and incorporate new garments that are not only eye-catching, but functional with my growing baby bump, into my everyday looks is saving my sartorial life in these last two months before baby arrives.”

“Like “regular” Le Tote, each maternity tote comes with three garments and two accessories, and you have the ability to customize the maternity items sent to you. Additionally, like standard Le Tote, maternity Le Tote is a great way to push your style, and try pieces or fashions you may not automatically gravitate towards.”

        Summer & Sage Aspen Tunic >                            Octavia Color Block Cape  >

“I found this to be the case in the cape I received. A patchwork cape is a great fall statement piece, but not one in my standard wheelhouse. However, I think I’m really working it in this first look. Same goes for this sweater dress I received and wore with a standard black blazer in the second outfit. Both the cape and dress are standout pieces, while also being cozy, which is key for fall. One thing I have learned during this pregnancy is that comfort is essential. Ill-fitting garments in scratchy material are a no-go. Easy-fitting, knit tops and dresses that emphasis the bump, not only look great on a pregnant body, but feel great as well. My third garment—a printed tunic—helped break up the monotone looks I have been sporting as of late, and added some romantic pattern to a looser-fitting bottom and long cardi of the third ensemble.”

“My next maternity tote should arrive shortly, and I can’t wait to try more dresses and some of the bottoms on offer. Having more options, especially for work where oversized tees and sweatpants are frowned upon, is such a relief and saves me from wearing the same pair of full-panel black pants day in and day out. For more insights on my maternity style please check out my blog: Outfits Not Just Clothes as I countdown my last weeks of pregnancy and then face the challenge of dressing the post-baby body.”

Le Tote’s Holiday Maternity finds >


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