Le Tote Lifestyle//1 Tote 3 Ways

LT Ambassador Lindsay gives us the 411 on dressing up— and more importantly down— the pieces in her tote.

“As the temps cool and a long week of work comes to an end, I’m all about a look that is comfy, casual and going to get me through the last 8 hours of the week. Putting a lot of effort into my look is the last thing I want to do, but I still want to look put together.  When this oversized top from Free People came in my latest tote, I knew it would be great with a pair of skinnies and a ball cap and that it would check off all my casual Friday must-haves.”


Free People Drape Neck Top >

“But if I’m being honest, this top stayed in my closet for awhile. It was great for running my weekend errands and perfectly causal for a relaxed Sunday dinners with the family. I wore it so many ways, one day I paired it with leggings, another with cut-offs and tied with a brown belt. ”

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.25.58 AM


“One of my favorite things about being a Le Tote member, is the fact that so many of my favorite designers come in each of my totes, and its allow me to think outside of my fashion-box. So many styles and colors I would shy away from are now a favorite because I’ve been able to try the clothing on and shake up my styling to get the look just right.”

Want a cool and casual look for your Friday?  Here are a few of my other favorite comfy, casual and chic pieces from Le Tote”:



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