LT Reading List

Happy National Book Lovers Day!
Check out some of our team’s favorite reads.

Brett N. Founder
All of the light we cannot see
“A captivating story told from multiple perspectives combined with the most beautiful writing, everyone should read this book.”


Bryn N. Marketing
The Power Of Now
“I was reading this book at sunset by the beach one evening and realized there is truly nothing more important than the present moment. I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling, my boyfriend said he had never seen me happier.”


Katy V. Corporate Chief
Murder On The Orient Express
“Anything crime related is my favorite! Nothing is better than getting into a mystery and trying to solve it.”


Briana O. Customer Loyalty
Cannery Row
“It transforms the mundane interactions of everyday life into compelling yet uneventful stories. Oh, and it’s just funny.”


Kristen B.
Modern Romance
“This book is a hilarious and insightful look at modern relationships and how technology has impacted them from around the world.”

2 thoughts on “LT Reading List

  1. Lisa V

    Love this article!! Thank you for the ideas. I am waiting for my tote to arrive in order to pack for a 7 day Carribean cruise. Now I have some new books to download for the flight!

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