Style Share Of The Week

Thanks to Style Share of the Week Kimberly, we’re famous! Meteorologist by day and fashionista by night, Kimberly uses her totes to look great on and off the air!style share

Tote Quiz

The feature I get the most compliments on is my………. Smile. You’re never fully dressed without a smile. style share
And my Zac Posen bag. I’ve dedicated more than one #MCM to it.

If I could trade lives with another woman for a day, it would be
a) Beyonce
b) Carrie Bradshaw
c) Michelle Obama
d) Tina Fey
e) Other

OTHER!! Kate Middleton. She is classy, cool as a cucumber and basically a princess. Plus she has the love of a man who could’ve chosen anyone else in the world. She’s a lucky lady.

style share

If I could have one super power, it would be…….. Time Travel. I try not to live with regret, but I’d like the option for a do-over from time to share

My biggest stress reliever is……. Shopping– what else? I’m in my happy place when I find a great deal or walk away with an
awesome bargain.

My style icon is……… Ginger Zee inspires me on Good Morning America. She’s spent her entire pregnancy in heels! #GirlPower. Kate Middleton, of course. And Leslie Knope! from Parks and Recreation.

If you could give your fellow toter’s one piece of Style advice, what would it be? Stay true to yourself and fill your wardrobe with color!

style share

One thought on “Style Share Of The Week

  1. suedesunsets

    I love this post so much and your style is really cool! Your blog is really cool, you should check out my blog too. I do fashion and lifestyle posts, I think you’d really like it 😊

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