A Kate Spade Inspired Halloween

Who says halloween has to be all black and orange? Brand Ambassador Emily certainly doesn’t think so. Check out her Kate Spade inspired ‘pump chic’ DIY project and spice up your fall decor.

pumpkin diy

“I decided to take halloween and chic-it-up! With a little creativity and pattern play, I was able to take the boring pumpkin and make it a ‘pumpchic’. I chose gold leaf, giant sequins and a black & gold sharpies. The designs are endless, so let your creativity soar and enjoy this fun pumpchic DIY.”

What You’ll Needpumpkin crafts

– Pumpkin in different sizes

– Black and white high gloss paint and paint brushes, or spray paint

Gold sequin pins

Gold sequins paillettes

– A black and/or gold sharpie pen

Gold leaf sheets

Brush on glue


– Paint your pumpkins either white or black with brush on or spray paint

– Allow to dry for about 30 minutes

– Insert gold sequins pins into pumpkin with sequin paillettes attached. Remember, you can mix and match colors, sequins, sharpies, etc! As long as the basic ingredients are involved, you can make it your own!


– Crinkle gold leafing to give it some texture, then shred it into triangular-like pieces. Doesn’t need to be exact, the messier it looks, the better!

– Use your paint brush to paint glue on the back of the leafing, then press firmly onto the pumpkin of your choosing.

– Now for the fun part! Come up with some designs you like, and using your sharpie, draw them onto the remaining pumpkins.

– Some ideas below:

Feeling the fall vibes? 


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