5 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here— Le Tote Maternity Is Born!

  1. Tammy Knott

    They will let me join but I haven’t even given them my sizes, how does that work. And are there any promo codes for new members?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Tammy, happy to help! We have you fill out your complete Style Profile after signing up! At this time we aren’t running any promo codes, but be sure to subscribe to our email, blog facebook and instagram to get first dibs on promotions and goodies!

  2. Jena

    How long does it usually take for a shipment to make it my house? Do they wait to ship new items until they get my other ones? Can I sign up 1 month at a time? So I’ll do it this month then take a November break, but then do it again in December? Does the clothing need to be washed before sending it back?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Jena, happy to help! We offer priority 2-3 day shipping both ways. We begin styling your next tote as soon as USPS scans in your return tote! We are a subscription service that bills monthly— meaning you get unlimited totes per month! As soon as you send 1 back, we send you another. There’s no due date for returning a tote either. We automatically bill each month, but we do offer the option to put your account on hold. During a hold, you aren’t charged your subscription fee! Meaning you could create an account in October, put it on a 1 month hold for November, then reactivate in December! For more information, check out our Help Center: https://letote.zendesk.com/hc/en-us or email our Style Ambassadors at hi@letote.com

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