Le Tote Lifestyle: LT Takes Seattle!

Le Tote ambassador Joanna Roddy met up with our Seattle members at a fun downtown small plates and wine bar, Black Bottle.

“The ladies mingled, met each other, and talked about why Le Tote makes sense for them. Most of them raved about how the model for Le Tote is unique from other clothing services for not requiring members to purchase the items sent by stylists.”

“For the girl on a budget who always wants something new to wear, Le Tote is the perfect solution without having to bulk up your closet and kiss your paycheck goodbye. And when that special something shows up in a tote that you just can’t part with, it’s much easier to say yes because you only keep what you absolutely love!”

Top Looks

seattle event

French Connection Whitney Sweater >

seattle event

Summer & Sage Pyramid Stud Earrings >

seattle event

Max Studio Border Printed Shell Top >

“Many of the ladies were new to the Seattle area, so the mixer was a welcome introduction to like-minded women. Le Tote generously provided drinks, small plates, and earrings for members and gift cards to those who weren’t members already. “

seattle event

Thanks to everyone who came out and we hope to see many more of you at our next Seattle event!

One thought on “Le Tote Lifestyle: LT Takes Seattle!

  1. lynn

    Love it if you’d do one of these in Minneapolis! Just want to chime in on the feedback your Seattle clients have given you. Starting a mission-based company which employs people living with disabilities, my husband and I have pared our lives way down to put our resources into a company that makes a difference.

    LeTote has given me an easy way to keep my closet small (living in a smaller place), yet given me a much needed distraction and reward by allowing me to “shop” for new looks and return them. I am also finding unique, quality clothing pieces I really use and enjoy (trying before buying is HUGE!) which help me keep my look fresh and fun. It’s simply not that easy to find clothing like this in the Midwest, unless I get to Chicago.

    I can’t say enough about the choices, quality and health diversion LeTote has provided for me. We are including a LeTote membership in our staff’s holiday leadership gift catalogue this year for the same reason. If you ever do decide to come to Minneapolis, we would be happy to host you and have our female staff, many of whom live with disabilities, model your looks!

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

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