Marianna Hewitt//Steal Her Fall Look


The Trend? Blanket Capes

A cozy heaven-like garment, an excuse to wear a blanket out of the house, probably the most perfect trend to ever happen— the blanket cape.

Whose Wearing It? Top Fashion Blogger Marianna Hewitt


“Today’s OOTD has me ready for fall”

How Can You Steal Her Look? We’ve Got It 


                                             RD Style Patch Wrap >                  Saint Grace Mock Neck high Low Dress >

Where Did It Come From? Your Grandmother’s Closet

A History of the Blanket Cape


In 2009 draped shawls and capes graced the runway at Mara Hoffman, Valentino and many more.


In 2012 Harpers Bazaar claimed that, “Your grandmother’s closet will be at the top of your shopping list next fall, with […] yes, shawls making the sartorial cut.”


In 2014 every celebrity was wearing the Burberry monogrammed blanket cape. Eventually trendsetters all over were filling their fall and winter wardrobes with these comfy yet stylish shawls. Layering them over jeans, or with tall boots and mini dresses.


Today, Fashion bloggers are flocking to the trend and it’s stronger than ever before. The blanket scarf, cape, shawl, is here to stay!

As obsessed as we are? Shop our Capes HERE


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