LT 411 // Customize Your Tote Updates!

howitworks-6170 (1)

After all of your wonderful feedback on our tote customization feature (tote swap) we decided to add some new features! We heard your requests to choose your own size so we made some updates to our desktop website.

Now every time your tote is ready to be customized you can visit our desktop website and choose the items you want, plus the size!

Trust us, we all know the feeling of wanting something in a smaller or larger size, sometimes you have a longer torso, or you just like things oversized. We all have uniquely beautiful sizes and we’re know no one is exactly one size fits all. Which is why we offer sizing and fit recommendations when you choose a different size or select a different product. We constantly use your ratings to improve these recommendations and send you sizes that fit you, but we still want to give you full control to customize and personalize your fit selections which is why we added this fantastic update!

Keep an eye out for exciting new updates for mobile users coming very soon! Currently the Choose Your Own Size feature is only available on desktop, but there is a huge update coming for mobile users in October where you’ll be able to choose items based off so much more than size!

Curious how we estimate your sizing?

Finding the right size is tricky. Some brands run small, some brands run big…When we style a tote we combine information from your profile with feedback from the community to choose your best fit. So, forget about the size on the tag and give it a shot! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’re working hard to get your fit right every time and are learning more every day. Want to help? Our happiest customers rate their items after every tote so make sure you’ve rated every item you’ve received.

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