Trend Alert: The Hair to Have This Fall

Brand Ambassador Emily gives us the inside scoop on this season’s top hair trend— and how to get the look!

The Look? Brûlée

“Hello September! Sure, I haven’t been a student for years, but I still get that twinge of excited anxiousness for the ‘first day of school’. As a child, the looming first day always meant that I would be getting a new haircut (unfortunately for me, it was NEVER good).

My school photos are what hairdresser’s nightmares are made of. With summer turning to fall, I want to take my sun kissed, summer beach waves and Brûlée them! Fall hair should be as warm and rich as a pumpkin spice lattes.”

What It Is

The main appeal of brûlée is the warm, rich color it creates— reminiscent of creme brûlée, toffee, and caramel. It softens the face and is the perfect color to accompany the rich colors of fall.

The brûlée process is similar to balaye, and is more about the color than anything else.

How to Get It

First step is the color! We recommend taking a picture in to a color expert to get the look. You can go light, golden toffee blonde or carmelly brown, depending on your complexion.

The second step is style. The color is meant to be worn with soft styles, like wavy curls, so with this look, a wand is your new best friend! Brûlée works with shoulder length to long hair, so don’t fret too much over length.

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