LE TOTE Lifestyle— LT Takes Chicago

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“Have you ever wanted to chat with other Le Tote members? Maybe see some of your favorite pieces being worn in-person by someone other than you? How about introduce your friends to Le Tote complete with drinks and food? Well, Chicago-area members got to do just that at the end of August at the inaugural Chicago Le Tote Member Party!

2015-08-26 17.20.49-1

Hosted by Le Tote Ambassador Erin of Loop Looks at Old Fifth in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Chicago members and their friends got to talk shop and meet other ladies who love Le Tote. Several attendees said they were new to Chicago and loved that this event gave them a way to connect with others who had something in common. One attendee even commented that she recognized Old Fifth from the 30th season of MTV’s The Real World. And all the attendees said they had a great time! Le Tote generously provided earrings, drinks and pizza for all attendees. Those who weren’t already members got to take home gift cards, so fingers crossed that they join!


Many of the Le Tote members who attended wore their latest or favorite Le Tote pieces! Overall it was a great opportunity for the Chicago-area members! Thank you to everyone who came out!”


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4 thoughts on “LE TOTE Lifestyle— LT Takes Chicago

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi David! So excited about your interest! I would suggest trying out Trunk Club, and if we do offer Menswear in the future, don’t worry, we’ll let ya know!

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