Le Tote & You: Brandy

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By day, LT member Brandy is a Project & Communication Coordinator at Berkeley. By night? She runs her lifestyle blog, Will Bake For Shoes. Brandy’s blog is her outlet for sharing outfit photos, and also the cupcakes she bakes and decorates for fun! Getting to know this motivated and upbeat girl was a blast.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done while wearing LT?
The most exciting thing I’ve done wearing LE TOTE this year has to have been meeting Hilary Duff. I was wearing my arm party of bracelets I’ve purchased from LE TOTE. I wear them almost everyday, so there is a high chance they’ll be there for the next exciting thing!

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Who is your style icon?
A tie between Patricia Field and Janie Bryant. They are both costume designers for really influential shows (Sex and the City and Mad Men respectively), and it is amazing how their eye for style can portray a character, but also how their taste has influenced trends. I am also a fan of Zooey Deschanel. Her look is fun, but the biggest influence I took from her was getting bangs.

If you could give your fellow toter’s one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Invest in high-quality shoes and handbags. It might feel daunting to shell out big bucks them, but when you factor how often they’ll be used, it becomes worth the investment (especially if they are classic styles.)

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What motivates you to dress up, why is good style important to you?
This might be overused, but style really is a way to say a lot about you without actually talking. I like to have fun getting dressed in the morning and depending on how I want to feel that day I can focus my look to capture that. I started blogging because I love clothes and feel like I am pretty creative with some of the looks I’ve put together. It’s nice to look back and see how my personal stye has evolved and to note which pieces I am constantly reaching for and what was just something I wore once.

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