LE TOTE Lifestyle— My Totes Are Getting Me Through My Pregnancy

knit dress 4

LT Ambassador Bernadette is expecting! We’re thrilled to have the chance to style this fashionista throughout her pregnancy, and can’t wait for her to have access to our Maternity line, launching this September!

“I recently announced on my blog Outfits Not Just Clothing and by association my social network that I am expecting a baby! [After some internal debate] I decided to use my personal style, for which I am known, as the means of sharing my life-changing news.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and the French Connection Space dress did the “announcing” for me in one fell swoop! With its under-the-bust seam (on my frame at least), faux-wrap silhouette, and ruching this piece nicely skimmed my growing abdomen, while the belt I added helped to further emphasis that there was a baby in there and not just an extra helping of cake. A quick pic in profile and the message was received loud and clear!  Plus, this was a great throw-it-on piece that was appropriate for work.

knit dress 3

French Connection Space Dress >

Now begins my journey into non-maternity, maternity wear. As I’m not quite ready for the full-on stretch panel pants or vented tops, but I’m no longer fitting into my skinny jeans. I’m stocking up my Le Tote closet with loose blouses and shift dresses for the duration, while very much looking forward to the introduction of maternity wear from Le Tote this September, right in time for my third trimester!”

Excited for our Maternity Line in September? Join the Waitlist to get exclusive access here

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