A Shoutout From The Simple Moms Blog!

We would like to thank Gina of The Simple Moms for showing us some love on her blog! This fashionable mother of three who blogs about everything from recipes to the latest styles reviewed our product and loved it! Here’s what she had to say about her LE TOTE experience:

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“Do any of you tend to have a “uniform”? I’m not talking about a dress code here–just a go-to style that you tend to gravitate toward. For me, it’s fitted t-shirts and jeans. A cardigan sweater in the winter. Sometimes boots, sometimes flats. Often a scarf or necklace thrown in. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. It requires little in terms of shopping and trying on. And, quite frankly, it’s a bit boring.

Thankfully LeTote has helped me spice my wardrobe up. With LeTote, I rent unlimited clothing and accessories for $49 a month. I filled out a size and style profile and chose items to add to my virtual closet. My stylist then chooses what to send in each tote. When your tote is styled, you will get a preview e-mail where you can change out items for something that you feel will suit you better for the week ahead (i.e. I changed out the sleeveless dress for a sweater wrap for the lovely April snow we had last week).

I wear the clothes as long as I want and then send them back. I can exchange my tote as frequently as I want by sending back the items in the prepaid return envelope. As soon as the post office receives one tote, the next one is styled for you, so the turn around is quick. And free shipping, both ways, helps to make it all affordable.

I’ve had so much fun opening every box from LeTote and can’t wait to see what is coming next!

A few questions friends have asked:  Is everything clean? All clothing is washed or dry cleaned and jewelry is sanitized before it is sent to you— bonus for no laundry!  Does everything fit? No, not always. Sometimes each item fits well, sometimes things don’t fit as well, which is fine. I wear what fits well and then send it back for a new tote. What if I want to keep an item? All items are available for purchase at a discounted price.

I have had so much fun changing out my wardrobe. I’ve been able to try things I might not normally buy and save money by just wearing things a few times and then returning them for something new. I’ve had so much fun opening every box from LeTote and can’t wait to see what is coming next!”

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To all you Mama’s to be— Don’t forget to sign up for LT’s Maternity Waitlist! The more ladies that sign up, the quicker we can launch! And don’t forget to check out The Simple Moms while you’re at it.

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