Tote Swap Tips— How to Get What You Want in Every Tote

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Since launching Tote Swap Beta, the ladies of the LT community have been able to pick every item that comes in their totes! This revolutionary feature operates in real time— meaning when your swapping, so are 500 other girls. Like any other retail situation, the ladies can get feisty.

We sat down with one of our Customer Loyalty reps to get her Top Tips on how to get the most from your totes. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible options when you swap your totes.

Tote Tip #1: Add Like Crazy

The more items you add to your Closet, the more likely you are to get those pieces in your totes! To make sure you have a ton of looks in your Closet each time you go to swap your totes. You can never have too many, so go crazy!

Tote Tip #2: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Swap later. Tote swapping can be a waiting game, and the more strategic you are about it, the more likely you are to get what you want. This means that if you initially go in to customize your tote and you aren’t seeing looks you love, step away for 2 hours. When you check back, there is likely to be new and different inventory available for you to swap for!

Remember, you have 24 hours to customize your totes, so don’t be afraid to wait it out, it will most likely pay off in the end.

Tote Tip #3: Timing is Everything

Because LT’s inventory is constantly rotating, we have different amounts on site at different times. Meaning there are better times of day to swap your tote than others. By tracking our inventory, we figured out that the best time of day to swap your totes is between 10am and 1pm PST. So go on in the morning and if you don’t see what you love, check back in that window!

Have a Top Swap Tip of your own? Comment below! 

2 thoughts on “Tote Swap Tips— How to Get What You Want in Every Tote

  1. Caitlin

    Hi! I was wondering if you can cancel your subscription? I am new and I might be asking a whole lot of questions…thanks!

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