Why We’re Obsessed With Marie Kondo— And Her Tips for Shopping the Perfect Look

Here at LT we’re a tad obsessed with Marie Kondo, the inventor of the KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is a guide that stresses organizing your home once, category by category, and never having to do it again. Genius right?

Kondo’s methods can be applied to more than just your home. Shopping can be a difficult process, full of crowded stores, bad lighting, and trying on what feels like a million terrible things before even finding one (if any) that you like.

By applying the KinMari Method to shopping, you can remove the “clutter” from your experience and turn shopping back into the enjoyable experience it was meant to be!

Avoid the Crowds

And we don’t mean in the stores. Try shopping alone. That way, you can focus on what you need without feeling the need to appease another person (maybe she wants to go to Zara, but you want to check out Nordstrom first).

Lay It Out

Make a quick blueprint in your mind of where you want to go, and what you would like to find before leaving for your trip. That way, you aren’t aimlessly wandering through stores, unsure of what you really need.

Get Excited!

There is nothing like landing a piece you truly love! So don’t waste your time hemming and hawing over something that you might wear or is extremely practical to buy (unless its socks, we all need socks). Buy something that makes you feel amazing when you put it on, or don’t buy it at all. It’s about quality, not quantity!

Always Have an Outside Source

When it comes to shopping, always have something that takes very little effort and gets you excited. Like your LE TOTE subscription. It’s something you can rely on to spice up your outfit, and you don’t have to go anywhere to get it! Having that simplicity and reliability in your life can make the whole shopping experience that much better— and way less stressful.

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