Style Share of the Week!

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This week, LT member Tara Wikoff combined our Lizzy Jacquard Full Skirt with a strappy heel and a chambray top. The effect? A look that applies to almost any occasion! LE TOTE helps this On-Air Talent get camera ready, and she’s got the style shares to prove it.

Q: What is your favorite LT piece?

A: My past favorite piece was the Joan Retro Dress, but I was just sent a fit and flare leather dress that I’m obsessed with.

Our Joa Retro Dress

Tara in our Joan Retro Dress

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you have done while wearing LT?

A: I work in TV and I’m on camera weekly. I am usually always wearing at least one item from my tote. Also I just went to a wedding and wore a dress from my tote!

Our Fusion Peplum Top + Red Pencil Skirt = Genius

Our Fusion Peplum Top + Red Pencil Skirt = Genius

Q: If you could ask LT one question, what would it be?

A: How do you choose what brands to work with?

Good question Tara! There’s a lot that goes into what brands we select. We take a look at what our members are loving in addition to up-and-coming trends. From there, we try to find styles that the girls in the LT community will love!

One thought on “Style Share of the Week!

  1. ZNU- Women Shop

    Great collection Tara. The short skirts, strappy high heel and a chambray top are perfect outfits for almost any occasion or parties. Looking for more and more designs and stylish women fashion wear blog postings from you.

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