Steal Claire Underwoods Style for less than $50!

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Claire Underwood is the essence of elegance. She is strong, confident, powerful, and smart. She is poise. She’s gorgeous. She is, well, perfect. Which is why she is definitely our #WCW (woman crush wednesday). To celebrate the style of Claire Underwood we wanted to showcase 8 looks, you can definitely pull off, using LE TOTE clothing & accessories. You’re probably wondering how you could get all of these outfits for under $50…well what if you tried borrowing them from LE TOTE instead of buying them? Just wear and return 3 garments and 2 accessories at a time, then enjoy the limitless fun of unlimited clothing and accessories for $49 /mo! Shop. Wear. Return. Repeat all month. Try it now and steal Claire Underwood’s look! These sophisticated and gorgeous Claire Underwood inspired outfits are perfect for the workplace, events, meetings, and of course dinner dates. Add these workwear outfits to your closet now!

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