Style Share of the Week!

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Congratulations to Lindsay Vacek on being this week’s Style Share winner! Lindsay took her outfit up a notch with our Estelle Charm bracelet. We love how Lindsay added a little bit of bling to her classic navy maxi dress and denim top.

Q: What’s your favorite LT piece?

A: I’ve been getting LT shipments for awhile now and I have to say, I’ve had many pieces I’ve fallen in love with!! But I think my absolute favorite piece so far has been the BCBG Generation Link Stitch Pullover.

BCBGeneration Link Stitch Pullover

BCBGeneration Link Stitch Pullover

Q: What do you love most about LE TOTE?

A: I love mixing up my style at work and the pieces I get with LT let me do that. Some days I’m casual, some days I’m fancy. I love that I can mix and match my pieces too. (Sometimes I make my co-worker go outside with me to snap a #ootd photo too! haha)

Q: What do you do? 

A: I’m the Creative Director and Co-Founder for a California Lifestyle Website called Established California. Oh, I also work on The Bachelor.

Lindsay rocking our Native Speaker ring

Lindsay rocking our Native Speaker ring

Q: What’s your passion?

A: Adventuring is my passion! Whether its through travel, food, music… life is about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and exploring the unknown!

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration from? 

A: I tend to pull my style inspiration from Pinterest. I’ll lay in bed in the morning, pull up the app and peruse the Women’s Fashion sections until I see an outfit that pops out to me and I try to recreate it. Keeps my style fresh and new!

Q: If you could ask LT one question, what would it be? 

A: How do I get a job with you guys?! haha

With style as great as yours Lindsay, we’ll definitely keep you on our radar 😉

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