Now You Can Customize Your Tote! We style, you decide.

Le Tote Subscription Fashion Box

LE TOTE memberships, just got a huge upgrade. We heard everyone’s feedback and now members can customize their tote! It’s super easy. Members receive an email 24 hours before the tote is ready to ship, then all they have to do is select the items they’d like to switch out or keep everything just the way it is! Final step? Click “Finalize my tote” to lock it in! We’ll ship the customized tote soon after. We’re pretty excited about this feature, because sometimes you just really need a blazer for that board meeting on Tuesday!

Tote Swaps lets you customize your tote! 
1. You’ll receive an email 24 hours before your tote ships.
2. Within 24 hours of receiving this email, preview your tote and swap anything out you don’t like. If you love everything, you don’t have to do a thing!
3. Final step! If you’re swapped items out, click ‘Finalize My Tote’ to lock it in. We’ll ship your customized tote as soon as it’s processed.

58 thoughts on “Now You Can Customize Your Tote! We style, you decide.

  1. Bodil

    How does the switching work – do I get to select something else or will you select replacements for the items I didn’t like? Do I get to see the new items right away and maybe switch them one more time or?

  2. Jessica

    Whatever happened to this? I got the option to do this before but I havent gotten it again for the most recent ones. Did you guys stop doing this already? I hope not because it was awesome!

  3. Siobhan

    So, do you pick out the outfits for me and then if I don’t like them, I can customize what I would rather you send? Or am I choosing what I want you to ship for the get-go? I was hoping someone would do this for me but maybe I misunderstood?

    1. LE TOTE

      We style, you decide! So we pick out clothes for you from your closet and based off of the items in your closet, that way you don’t have to even think about it! But if you’d like you get an email allowing you to customize your totes. Don’t feel like customizing it that week, or ever? Just ignore the email 🙂 It’s perfect if you’re traveling or have an event and know you need something specific in that shipment.

      1. Siobhan

        Thank you! So, do I keep the clothes for awhile until I feel like returning them and then I send them back, get charged $50 and you send me more items? Thank you again for clarifying.

  4. LE TOTE

    It’s $49 for the whole month! So you wear the items, return everything, and get a new box soon after that! If you love anything you can buy it by holding on to it and we’ll charge the card on file. Members get 20-50% off retail value 🙂

    1. kristin

      Love the idea! Not sure if I only get one shipment a month? So typically for a months payment, how many outfits could o receive if they are worn and shipped back promptly?

      1. LE TOTE

        Yay! Glad you like it. You get as many boxes as you’d like each month with 3 garments and 2 accessories. It depends how long you hold on to it. Most customers get 2-3 boxes each month. Feel free to send a note if you have any more questions! xo

  5. Leighann

    The last few times I’ve gotten the link it hasn’t worked (just get an error page). I’ve tried several different browsers too.

  6. Daryl Misrac

    Where on the website do I go to customize my tote? I received the email but the link isn’t taking me to my tote. Thank you!

    1. LE TOTE

      Hey Carla, to get more than one box at once you’d need to purchase a second subscription. If you want a refresh in items, send your current box back and you’ll receive a new tote right away!

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Brittany! At this time, we do not carry a men’s line, but love hearing of interest! You’ll definitely hear about it if we start carrying men’s items in the future!

  7. Andrea

    I love Le tote they sure make me feel like I’m in Hollywood again I took my vacation there it was awesome

  8. Katrina

    I just finalized my first tote! Very cool concept. I was wondering what sort of laundering processes you use. I’m pretty careful at home to use natural cleaners and when I dry clean I go to a green cleaner. I’d hate to be adding chemicals into my life by swapping out totes if they’re laundered using standard dry cleaning and/or detergents. Thanks!

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Katrina,

      Welcome to LE TOTE, so glad to have you as a member of the LT community! All items are dry cleaned using hypoallergenic detergent. We go above “standard” dry cleaning detergents and opt for scentless detergent for sensitive skin. We then steam all items before they are packed and sent your way. Applause to you for going green with your detergents! We need to take a page out of your book!

  9. Jocelyn

    Hello! I recently just heard of Le Tote and its awesome! I have two questions though can you like cancel the shipment or the membership I guess and not continue to pay the 49$, can you do that? Also how long does it take for them to send the outfit?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Happy to help! You can cancel anytime, no fees or penalties! We offer 2-3 day priority shipping for all totes. As soon as you are all done wearing one and you send it back, we immediately send a new ne out to you, before we even receive your return! For more info, feel free to email or chat us on the website, we’re always happy to talk about LT :).

  10. Angela

    I have been with letote for awhile now and I must say that it is amazing and I get so excited when I look in my mail box about 3-4 days after I have made a return to receive a new box someone should have thought of this sooner 😉

      1. Siobhan Robinson

        Can someone please help me? I am having trouble accessing my account. I’ve tried e-mailing the info e-mail and have heard nothing back. I’ve tried resetting my password and nothing works. I signed up for Le Tote 1-2 months ago and haven’t received anything yet $50 was removed from my account. I would like to cancel and get my money back. Please help!

  11. Mazi

    When will I be charged for an item I keep from my tote? At the end of the month, or right after you receivey returns tote without the item I’d like to keep?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Mazi,

      When your tote is checked in without any pieces you held onto, our check-in team knows that you loved the pieces you kept and charges you for them upon receiving your tote!

  12. Lil

    Hi there, what sizes do you offer? I’m a size 14 and am wondering if every clothing item is available in XL or would I have limited options?


    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Lil,

      We currently offer sizes XS to XL, or 2 to 14. We recently expanded some of our adorable new inventory into the XXL range, and the more ladies who sign up in that size, the more inventory we can add to the site!

      We definitely have enough pieces in that size to justify starting a subscription. If you do have any issues with sizing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will help you shape and curate your Style Profile to accommodate your needs!

      By adding specific details to your Style Profile and using Tote Swap to make sure you are getting items that match your specifications, you can ensure that we are sending you the looks you love!

  13. Brianna

    Hi I just ordered a tote today and there was no information on how many days it’s would take to ship to my house and I also haven’t got a email to see if I like the stuff that’s in my tote so I was wondering if you could tell me when I would get the package and when would I get an email thank you😊😊

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Brianna!

      Thanks for joining LE TOTE! Your tote will ship to you within 1-2 business days and you will get the email asking you to customize your tote within the next 2 days. I will personally monitor your tote’s status and make sure it makes it to you safe and sound!

  14. Chasidy

    Okay so for $49, you send me a tote, when I am done I send it back to you and you send me another tote, correct? Each tote you send me each month I get charged $49 each time or is the $49 a membership fee and I can get an unlimited amount of totes each month?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Chasidy,

      Happy to help! LE TOTE is a monthly subscription that includes unlimited totes per month! This means you pay $49 on the same day every month, and can receive as many totes as you can ship back in a month! Feel free to email in to or chat our customer service team on the website if you have any other questions!

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Roxie,

      Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in LE TOTE! At this time we do not ship to Romania, but we always appreciate hearing interest in LE TOTE outside of the Continental United States. I have added you to our list of eager LE TOTE subscribers abroad; and we will reach out to you should our shipping options.

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Emma,

      You absolutely can! You can put your account on hold for up to 3 months, and you won’t be charged a dime! If you want to hold your account for longer than 3 months, reach out to our Customer Loyalty team at and we’ll be glad to help you out.

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Patricia,

      To cancel give our Customer Service team a ring at 844-899-8683! They’re happy to help you with your card and the cancellation process!

  15. Emily

    If I hold on to an item in my tote can I return it later in the month free of fee or will o automatically be charged for it?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Emily! Your membership fees include unlimited totes per month, meaning you can keep 1 tote for as long as you like, send it back, and we’ll send you a new one immediately. This means that totes must be returned as a whole. When you hold onto an item from your tote, it signals to our check-in team that you loved an item so much you want to purchase it, and are automatically charged for it. For more of these awesome questions visit our Help Center ( or email!

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Isabella! Monthly membership fees cover dry cleaning and steaming of all clothing and sterilization of all accessories. We also have a stellar Quality Assurance team that meticulously checks over every piece that goes out to you! Visit our Help Center where more of these awesome questions are answered, or email!

  16. Gabby

    Hi, I have been thinking about joining let tote but I have a few statements and questions. I am going to be starting school here lately and was wondering on how many totes I would end up getting if I wore the outfit and then sent it back that night? Also I was wondering, if I paid $49 for one month, and it took 2-3 days to ship, then I would only be getting up to 2-3 totes a month. Am I right?

    1. LE TOTE

      Hi Gabby! Happy to help! Most members hold onto their totes for about 1-2 weeks, but you could keep it for 1 day if you like! We actually begin styling your next tote as soon as USPS scans in your return tote, so you could get up to 4 totes a month, depending on when you send them back!

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