Style Share of The Week!

Emily in our Arrowhead Blazer

Emily in our Arrowhead Blazer

Hey Toters! Meet Emily, a Real Estate Agent from Pheonix, Arizona. Her reason for using LE TOTE? All business. We love how this career woman paired our Arrowhead Blazer with our Closed Caged Necklace for a stylish yet professional look. Getting to know Emily was a blast, and the girl knows how to style LE TOTE.

LeTote has been the best asset to help me take my wardrobe to the next level, boosting my confidence & confident people sell! #fact.

Q: What is your favorite LT piece?

A: Oooh. That’s a really hard question. I would have to say that i have been wearing the Noir Luxe – Estelle Charm bracelet on repeat and love it. But the one item I loved the most and just purchased is the Black Diamond Midi Skirt! I wore it with a casual graphic grey tee and a statement necklace with heels. I have never had more fun and more confidence in an outfit during the daytime.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you have done while wearing LT?

A: Best day so far would have to be a few Fridays ago, somehow the stars aligned and my best girlfriends and I were able to play hookie from work. We met at a fabulous restaurant in Scottsdale, had a late lunch catching up, flirting with the incredibly hot server and sipping on sauv-blanc.

Emily in our Asymmetrical Skirt by Gentle Fawn

Emily in our Asymmetrical Skirt by Gentle Fawn

Q: What’s your passion?

A: It is terrible of me, but the first thing that came to mind, was BRUNCH. Especially a champagne brunch. It’s been my favorite way to stay connected with my friends, when life is crazy busy. So the real answer is maintaining my friendships. I would and will do anything for my framily.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

A: I’ve always had a style all my own, and that’s always been a little tomboyish/casual-with all the focus on the accessories and details. I’ve been stacking my wrist with bracelets (hence my instagram name ArmPartyCentral), layering necklaces & rocking rings as far back as I can remember. But nowadays, I would say instagram and style bloggers are where I get my biggest inspiration. And to be honest, ever since I started LeTote, it’s been the most fun I’ve had with clothes and what is in my closet. It is so easy to get in a clothing rut, but I’m taking more fashion risks and it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Emily in our Paulie Cardigan by DEX

Emily in our Paulie Cardigan by DEX

Q: If you could ask LT one question, what would it be?

A: Will you ever be expanding to do a LeTote for men?

Thanks for asking Lindsay! Right now, we’re trying to make our service absolutely perfect for the ladies before we delve into the realm of the opposite sex. But stay tuned…

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