Style Share of the Week!

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Meiyee in our French Lucy Flair Dress

Congratulations to Meiyee for being this week’s Style Share winner! Operating out of Los Angeles, Meiyee is an actress. Her reason for loving LE TOTE? She always has something new and fresh to wear to auditions.

This week, Meiyee paired out French Lucy Flair Dress by French Connection with leggings and sneakers for a flirty, casual day look.

A little more about Meiyee:

Q: What is your favorite LT piece?

A: I have only purchased one piece, OLIVE + OAK, Surplus Front Blouse, and I’ve received compliments on it every time I wear it. However, I don’t have a favorite piece. The whole point of my membership to Le Tote is that I’m constantly getting “favorite” pieces that don’t get old, because I don’t own them and it’s always exciting to wear them. What makes a favorite, for me is that you get excited when you wear it, and with my clothes, the excitement goes away. With a new Tote each time, it’s always exciting.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you have done while wearing LT?

A: I went to Disneyland with my very first box I received!

Q: What’s your passion?

A: I’m an actor. Le Tote has helped me choose clothes to wear that give me a certain look. I’ve gone out with Le Tote clothes for various commercial roles, like “friend at dinner party” “fancy couple” “business lady”. I even booked a Samsung ad with one of the Le Tote outfits!

Meiyee in our Nomad Romper

Meiyee in our Nomad Romper

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

A: I live in the fashion district in Downtown LA, and I like to look around the streets at all the well-dressed chicks that wander around. I also get some from when I go to auditions and I see other actors looks that I dig. I became obsessed with these chukka boots with orange soles that this one girl was wearing to an audition. I asked her about it, and have been all about getting colored chukka’s since.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world or do anything while wearing LT, where would you go and what would you do?

A: I’m a big traveler, and I love going around the world, but I’m pretty content wearing LT while at home in LA.
There’s always so many events and so much stuff to do. After you see people everyday, they get to know your clothes and style, LT mixes it up for me, so it’s not just new to me, it’s new to everyone. When I’m traveling somewhere, anything I wear is new to strangers. LT is for for me and the people that see me because it’s like a fresh new me every time.

To be next week’s Style Share Winner, upload a pic of yourself on our site and you could be chosen!

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