Le Tote & You: Meet Kelly Torrez 

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Meet Kelly Torrez. She’s isn’t just a great dresser— she’s a writer too! Getting to know this fashionista was such a pleasure, we’re thrilled to share our conversation with you all.

What’s the most exciting thing you have done while wearing LT?
I filmed a fashion segment for GLAM media last year and wore one of the blouses from my tote! The segment was super last minute, and I had little to no time to shop, so needless to say Le Tote came to my rescue.

What’s Your passion?
Currently I work as a freelance writer while maintaining my blog. Writing and photography have always been two of my passions so being able to do both for a living is a dream!

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Where do you get your style inspiration from?
I generally find inspiration all over the place. The blogging community is great place to not only inspire others but, also be inspired in return. Some of my favorite daily sites to turn to are, Who What Wear, Refinery 29, and of course Pinterest.

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