Easy Halloween Costume Ideas using LE TOTE pieces!

Halloween can be daunting and expensive, so we came up with a few easy costume ideas that incorporate pieces from LE TOTE! Because luckily with these costumes, you can return them, or at least the LT pieces! All you need for these looks are a few simple accessories such as headbands or crowns that range from $5 to $10 at your closet costume shop! Go have some fun and leave the stressing to us, because whether it’s greeting trick or treaters or heading to a spooky party, we want you to look gorgeous!

Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Devil

The Devil’s in the details, darling.

You’ll be red hot in this charming number. Pull out those devil horns leftover from your college days and nail this costume with a pair of leather skinnies and our newest Sanctuary top! Or try any of the dresses below.

1. RD Style | Kinsey Dress.

2. BB Dakota | Jazlyn Dress.

3. Eight Sixty | Ivy Ponte Dress.

Cute, Classy, Funny Fashionable and Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Biggie Smalls

Biggie biggie biggie, can’t you see?

All you need for this Notorious costume is a textured black sweatshirt and a crown! Make it out of paper if you’re like us and waited until the very last minute.

1. RD Style | Croc Sweater.

2. BCBGeneration | Boss Tunic Sweater.

3. Gold Chains | Diamond Necklace.

Sporting event and baseball outfit ideas for the Giants at the world series 2014Giants World Series Fan

Wear a giant fake ring if they win, paint on some blue tears with facepaint if they lose. Either way GO GIANTS!

1. Search For Sanity | Leather Skirt.

Halloween costume idea for adult women, cute, easy, cheap, last minute! Fairy LE TOTE princess Garden Fairy – “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”

Repurpose this weeks LT box and cut it out into wings, then pair this look with a floral dress.

1. BCBGeneration | Boho Floral Dress.

2. French Connection | Cherry Orchard Dress.

3. BCBGeneration | Red Floral Dress. *Pair this one with a butterfly mask!

#LETOTE if you wear any LT this Halloween! We’ll share our favorites!

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