Office Glam

It’s very easy to get caught in the same outfit day after day. Especially when it’s your basic office work-wear. Your thoughts get clouded with assignments and all of the things you need to, but haven’t done yet. Fear not! Dressing-up your office style will not only give you a confidence boost around the water cooler, but it will also keep those office tasks from becoming too daunting.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll be feeling joy on the inside while looking great on the outside.

Sparkle and Shine:

Jewelry! It doesn’t have to be a 24-carat diamond, but having an extra sparkle from an over-sized earring or necklace can dress-up that plain navy dress transforming it into something fabulous!

NOIR LUXE | Divine Crystal Necklace


EIGHT SIXTY | Ivy Ponte Dress


Fit and Contour:

Sophistication throughout the clothes can make a huge difference! Even if it’s a more conservative, handsome piece, by choosing a piece with a great fit that holds to your body’s curves can create a look Anna herself would approve of (think an attractive blazer).

BEAUTIFULLY | Arrowhead Blazer



Feminine French:

Nobody does it better than the French women of fashion. Their rags are even impressive! Satisfy your taste for the classics with true lady-like style. Don’t go overboard and keep it tasteful and delicate.


NOIR | Virginia Nautical Blouse


GLAMOROUS | Black Diamond Midi Skirt


For more office style and inspiration check out our Pinterest!

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