Print Mix Ups

Polka dots, stripes, floral, animal, plaid, and so much more! Prints are perhaps the most spectacular pieces to have in a closet, and they’re even more extraordinary when you mix those pieces! Some people are put-off by mixing prints because they feel that it can come off gaudy or just too much for your everyday look (and they would be right if it’s done the wrong way).  But when done the right way, mixing prints can add a touch of dynamism while also keeping the look trendy and modern on even the most boring of style days. So we bring you our guide to mixing the “best of the best” in prints!

Same print/different tone:

The easiest and most sophisticated way to wear your prints is by combining the same type of print (like a polka dot) with a variation of itself. The key is using polka dots of different colors and sizes. Remember to use a neutral color (such as black or white) for one of the prints and a bright pop of color in the other for best results.

Different texture/same color: 

If it makes sense to mix variations of the same prints, it makes sense to mix different textures as well! By texture we mean a more subdued print. A water color splatter combined with tie-dyed all in colors of blues and greens will not clash while remaining soft and feminine.


Stripes are the most versatile and the favored print to mix with other prints. It always looks good and is undoubtedly always cool! A striped shirt or skirt mixed with floral, animal, polka dot, texture, plaid, or other stripes will always be in style. In fact, you can mix various different layers of prints with stripes. It’s the “go to” outfit for any day and any event! 


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