Skirt Times

Lately we’ve been obsessed with the variety of skirts we’ve been seeing out in the style world, so we felt like it was about time to give them a nod too! Skirts are something that can be worn in all seasons and to almost any event.  Skirts are also a great way to dress-up a simple outfit–from the familiar t-shirt and jeans look to something more feminine and fabulous! Here is your style guide to our favorite skirts.

The Short:

This piece has levels of style. You have the mini skirt, which is best worn for a night out with the girls to your spectacular birthday dinner. Better known as our “party” skirt because it pairs best with dancing and champagne. Then there’s the more formal “office” skirt, which is still appropriate for a night out, but it’s at its best at a more formal business dinner. This is your power skirt! It’ll make you feel on top of the world and you’ll be flattered by all the looks you’ll receive.

Suggested Skirt: DOUBLE ZERO | Silver Spoon Party Skirt

The Midi:

The most refined yet basic skirt–and our favorite! Everyone should have at least one in their closet (although we can’t seem to keep it under four in ours). The style possibilities our endless – from morning till night this skirt just works.

Suggested Skirt: JOA | Lizzy Jacquard Full Skirt

The Long: 

Quite possibly the most comfortable of your skirts.  It’s the chaise lounge, the park, the beach day of skirts. This is your skirt for all things lazy and lovely. The most common form of the long skirt is the maxi–and with so many options, the maxi is experiencing a bit of a renaissance with your basic, tulip, and mermaid styles.

Suggested Skirt: KENSIE | Kate Maxi Skirt

Stayed Skirted-Up with so much more on our Pinterest!

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