Oversized Everything

The best cozy is an oversized cozy. The more oversized, the better! And we’re talking about oversized looks that can be worn out in public, not something best kept to Netflix binges only! Here, we give you the “can-do’s” of cozy “Oversized Edition.”

When it comes to oversized looks it’s all about the construction of the oversized piece. Some of the best ways to wear these pieces is as follows:

 The Oversized Scarf:

If you’re just looking for a touch of the oversized look, this is the way to go! It gives you a cozy, knit feel, but is an option that is easy to take off – allowing you to change your style throughout the day as you see fit!

BLUE PACIFIC FASHION | Cashmere Plaid Scarf

 The Oversized Jacket:

Nothing more can be said about a piece as timeless as Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (Think the fabulous burnt-orange jacket she wore while strutting around New York. Yes, the one with the fur hat.) SWOON!


p.s. It works best with a simple outfit underneath and a great clutch!

 The Oversized Sweater:

For the full-on comfy Saturday afternoon or late-night coffee date, this is your go-to! Whether it be knit, cashmere, or cotton, pair you sweater with a trim and stylish sneaker or bootie. The sweater will also pair well with a good book and some great bangles! (See Oversized Scarf for cool layering technique as well.)



We have also Oversized the Pinterest  with more ideas!

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