Class It Up Cozy!

In the Fall and Winter months there is always the issue of how to dress up for an evening out or holiday party without being freezing cold! (After all, we can’t wear our summer lights when there’s a possible polar vortex outside). Since we are focusing on our cozier pieces this week, we found it to be the perfect time to talk “dressing up” our cozy knits and fabrics (and yes, layers are involved).

Some of the best ways to keep it cozy and warm is by limiting your thicker knits and fabrics to tops and then complementing them with more sleeker looking bottoms and accessories.

For a more layered look, use lots of pattern and texture mixing–such as mixing an easy neutral sweater with a skirt that has some bright floral pattern. Top it off with a shiny belt and a large statement necklace and you’ll soon be the best dressed at this year’s office or dinner party!

If you are looking for something a bit more upscale and modern, we say “less is more.” For example, a color-blocked sweater dress and a elegant high boot or classic heel all matched with a small amount of sparkle in the earring and a dainty necklace will achieve just the right amount of class.

Tip: if you still want a layered look, but like it minimal as well, layer your necklaces and bracelets. Just remember to layer thin and dainty pieces only.

Stay cozy and check our Pinterest for more ideas!

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