Layer Up

Fall is our favorite season for many reasons, and being cozy is one of them! This usually involves layers upon layers of cotton, wool, and other cozy fabrics! Yet, there is always the issue of keeping the layers cute and crisp and not frumpy and baggy. Not to fear, we have brought together a guide to help you with all your layered Fall looks.

  1. Simplicity is key. For the first layer something more form-fitting and neutral is perfect. Or, if you’re looking for a pattern, keep it simple with stripes. T-shirts and tanks work well too!
  2. Then start adding your longer layers. Proportion and length are key this time! Use a longer cardigan or knit sweater, and this is a good time to add a bolder print.
  3. We then come to the jacket! It doesn’t need to be the longest piece, but it should be long enough that you are just seeing the edges of the layered pieces peeking out from beneath the jacket.
  4. Accessories are very important and will help finish the whole look! Scarfs are perfect or a belt to break up the jacket’s lines and bring out the waist! Add cool earrings for a little flash or some cool bangles mixed in with a chunkier watch.

Extra Tip: It’s important to remember that when layering that you try to mix textures of fabric – denim, leathers, knits, and cottons. If you use too much of the same type of fabrics, it will start to look drab and unflattering.

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