The Elegance of Plaid

So, earlier in the week we covered how NOT to be a lumberjack (lots of layers and cool, easy outfits). Now let’s talk how to “dress up” your plaid to transform it into something chic and charming that may be worn to a fancy dinner or the ballet–or maybe you just want to go for a more glamorous, elegant look with your plaid. Plaid is essentially just another print, and to create a sense of elegance with any print, the trick is to remember to keep the fits fitted and the constructions classic! This also means that rather than mixing with other prints, you mix with other textures and fabrics. This keeps the look modern while retaining its elegance. We also suggest keeping your “uptown” plaids to highly feminine looks, which means dresses and skirts ladies, dresses and skirts!  See some of our favorite styling below, and style your own with our Maison Scotch’s “Hannah Dress.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.s. Don’t forget to to keep checking out the “Plaid Play” Pinterest board!

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