Your T-shirt Fix

The Situation:  You’ woke up late and your button-up shirt needs to be ironed. You’re going to be late, you have about 1,000 emails to send out, a lunch meeting, plus drinks with co-workers later that evening.
The Fix:           A t-shirt. Yep, that’s right you can wear your t-shirt to work.
The How:        An chic pleated skirt (or leopard print) and a blazer – oh, and don’t forget some amazing jewelry! An ensemble with a touch of elegance–and no small amount of comfort–for the day or evening.

_MG_5378 copy


The Situation:  Sunday Brunch. Enough said.
The Fix:            A t-shirt. (Seeing a pattern yet?)
The How:         Dress it down with jeans and a comfy cardigan or dress it up for a fancier Sunday about town with a sleek skirt! (Who knows where the day will take you.)

_MG_5141 copy_MG_3951-Edit

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