Across the Pond

So last week we talked NYFW, this week we  jumped across the pond to you guessed it–LONDON for LFW! In honor of LFW we bring you French Connection, one of our favorites and also a United Kingdom staple since 1972. The company was started by Stephen Marks who has built a brand based on beautiful innovative design with quality. (Something that all of us can appreciate in our clothes, yet never see enough of.)

Things to know about French Connection:

1. In 1997, they launched a very forward-thinking campaign based on their acronym “FCUK” standing for French Connection of the the United Kingdom (it’s okay to be a little naughty sometimes). 2. One of their first flagship stores was in San Francisco (also where your’s truly is based – and what a wonderful city it is). 3. Hailey Baldwin is their newest “it girl” model – and we just love her! She’s filled with a sophisticated cool. And it doesn’t hurt that her uncle is the Alec Baldwin, who we also are obviously obsessed with! 4. LE TOTE LOVES THEM – and is sending out their incredible skirts and dresses to our Le Tote Lovers! 

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