The Art of the Change Up

 As soon as we open our eyes in the morning we are thinking about (a) what we are wearing, and (b) how it is going to function at look during the events of our day and into the evening. The best pieces in our closet let us move from one event to the next with only minor changes. The key to finding these outfits–and making them work for you–is L-A-Y-E-R-I-N-G! One of the most common situations we face is transitioning from a professional office look to a look suitable for a fun-filled date. And lets be honest, we barely have time to eat much less make room in our already over-stuffed bags to think about bringing and changing into an entirely different outfit. However, making this transition can be accomplished with only two pieces from your closet. One of our favorites is using a great dress (we use our BCBGENERATION Floral Dress) and then making it a bit more professional by adding an interesting sweater (try the BCBGENERATION Sy Pullover), thus creating the perfect office look!


When you’re ready for the flirty date look, just take off the sweater, apply a little lipstick, shake out your hair, and DONE!  You’re now in a great dress that you’ll feel amazing in–and your date will adore it never knowing the difference.


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