How To Layer Necklaces + A Date Night Look!

  If you are constantly running home from the office for a 5-minute change before a date, this one’s for you!

Red LE TOTE dress

Your date might very well be a daytime affair this summer, and a picnic in the park, a summer concert or a walk on the beach calls for a perfect little cami dress. The spaghetti straps leave your neckline open as the ideal canvas for necklace layering.

How to layer necklaces in LE TOTE jewelry!

Whether you’re a locket lady or a chain chick, we’ll tell you all you need to know about wearing multiple necklaces:- 1. Choose pieces that fall at different lengths. *Use a safety pin to make a long necklace short, pin it up in the back and let the extra chain fall elegantly down your back! 2. Pairing geometric shapes is a great way to mix it up without overdoing it. 3. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold, they work beautifully and elegantly together. 4. Add one statement piece to give life to the layered look.

Date night outfit idea

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