Packing for your next weekend getaway

With Summer comes spontaneous weekend getaways and quick vacations. Whether you’re planning a getaway to a beach, a vineyard or a visit out to the desert, these are our must-have items for an eleventh hour escape:

Travel Essentials

1. Two Tank Tops/Short Sleeve Tops  – Classic cuts that can be worn under a dress or a button up shirt to match. These are great for layering! 2. One Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt – A Light Fabric, polyester, or silk blend shirt, this can be used to layer over other tops and dresses as a light jacket or cover up! 3. Two Bottoms – Jeans in dark colors, relaxed pants are all good options for travel.  Shorts and Maxi skirts work well in a variety of settings and are both fashionable and comfortable! You can take them from the beach to the city easily.

Transitional Packing Must Haves!

4. Two transitional pieces – Lightweight pieces are perfect for traveling! Go with a bright color or a trendy item. You want that piece that you can throw over a bathing suit and also wear out to late night drinks! 5. Outerwear – One Fleece/Hoodie/Cardigan and /or Water Resistant Jacket/Coat that will keep you warm if the night gets chilly. Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.23.07 PM 6. One Bathing Suit – Choose one that has a neutral shade so it can easily double up as a bra under your tops outside the pool. This one is an essential for a beachy destination. 7. A complete set of jewelry – one of each: earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet to go with all your outfits. 8. Accessories – Sunglasses, a hat, a scarf and of course a big tote to fit everything. 9. Two pairs of shoes – a pair of flats sandals/sneakers and a pair of dressy shoes for the night!

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