LE TOTE, the Netflix for Fashion!

Netflix for Fashion

Have you ever gotten sick of everything in your closet? You felt like you just needed an update to your wardrobe? Well we’re letting you in on a little secret, if you didn’t already know…LE TOTE solves this problem. With ease and accessibility, we are the cure to the, “Full Closet, Nothing to Wear Syndrome.” 

Now imagine…Netflix, but for clothes…and jewelry! It sounds too good to be true right? But for about a year and a half, LE TOTE has been queueing up boxes for girls like you, full of curated items that you ‘heart’ on our website! We send 70% of items in your “Closet” and add a few pieces to spice up your ‘tote’. Think about it as if a movie critic was picking 1 netflix movie to throw into your queue because he knows based off of your taste you will love it! Our stylists do the same for you, but with jewelry and clothing!

So how are we like Netflix? Well, you add items to your Closet, or your Queue, and we send you a selection of these items. You wear the pieces (3 garments and 2 accessories), send them all back, and get another one! The means unlimited totes every month. You can wear your tote for as long or as little as you want. One day, 3 weeks, whatever your heart desires! It’s as easy as that. Then if you love a piece, you can purchase it at up to an 80% discount. After you wear your items, rate your tote on the site so that we can learn more about you and build your Taste Profile. This way we can make amazing suggestions and learn about what will fit you just right. 

We have a wonderful selection of hundreds of items, we carry French Connection, BCBG, Splendid, JOA, House of Harlow, Adia Kibur, Gazel SF, and many many more brands. So what are you waiting for?! Head to http://www.letote.com/ and sign up for the Netflix for Fashion.

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