Three Ways to Wear Scarves!

Three Ways to Wear Scarves!

We’re huge fans of versatile accessories, especially ones that transition from Summer to winter. But with all of that wear time, we don’t blame you for getting sick of wearing it one way! Mixing it up is easy! Especially when you have an adorable scarf like our, Sahara Animal Scarf. We’ve broken it down into 3 easy ways to wear scarves style by our own Bryn.

1. The classic loop – if you don’t already wear your scarves this classic style is both casual and chic. It’s effortless!

2. The pull through –  fold your scarf in half and pull the ends through the loop around your neck. This knot secures your accessories so you can look good without worry about your scarf falling off.

3. The turban – now this look is for the daring, even if you don’t think you’ll wear it out, try it at home! Starting from the back of your head pull the scarf around your head, pull the opposite ends over each other, then finish by tying the knot at the back of your head. This way you get the fun twist in the front!

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