A good beauty regimen is your closet’s BFF. Before you can start deciding which blouse to pair with those slacks, you have to make sure that you are taking the right steps to ensure healthy skin and hair. We talked to our make-up artist and she gave us some helpful tips to keep our faces shining!

If you have oily or combination skin, toss out your drugstore face cleanser. Instead, you should opt for a non-foaming cleanser, which will do wonders by preserving your natural oils. For you dry-skinned girls, seek out a cleanser rich in vitamin E to nourish and condition your dermis.

One thought on “Beauty

  1. lynn

    My esthetician tells me that the type of cleanser you use, as long as it isn’t harsh, isn’t important because it stays on your face for such a short period of time. She advices me to invest more in products that stay on your skin, like a SPF moisturizer for day and quality night cream and vitamin C serum for overnight skin repair. I use a gentle, anti-oxidant facial bar I purchased at Whole Foods and it works great.

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