Summer Packing Essentials

Summer’s here! Well… not quite yet. But if you’re like us, you like to have your trips planned out in advance to make sure you get the best deals and have all the details in order. Sometimes, that even means planning your packing list in advance– it’s one of the most fun parts about vacation! We’ve come up with three ways you can load your tote up with all the essentials for your upcoming trip to the beach, the city, or abroad!
Beach Tote
Beach bunnies, grab your bags! We’re heading to Miami Beach to soak up some vitamin D and catch up on our reading. We’ve opted for an ever-flattering dipped hem dress in a tribal print for a hassle-free look that works on the sand or in town. Cut out one-pieces are all the rage this season, make it a high-fashion ocean dip by pairing one with a modern chain necklace.
City Tote
If you crave hustle & bustle more than rest & relaxation, you’re probably more of a big city woman. This Summer, take New York with storm in a fierce black and white look! We love how the studded collar of this striped tank matches the foxy wrap bracelet. Other than an edgy outfit, all you’ll need is a phone case wallet to keep you organized and endless coffee to keep you moving– you’re going to need the energy!
Abroad Tote
Abroad Tote by letote featuring Rodin
Craving adventure? Step off of U.S. soil for an overseas cultural experience this season! Comfort is key– you’ll be looking and feeling fresh in this strapless Summer number and essential sneakers. Keep the jewelry simple with this versatile pair of gold studs and keep your skin happy with a travel-sized moisturizer. Most importantly, keep recording with a stylin’ camera and journal!

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