Cycle in Style

Okay, so bike to work day isn’t for another couple of months (May 8th, to be exact), but we love our two-wheelers so much we try to celebrate it every day. Good for the environment, good for our bodies and good for a clear mind, it’s hard to find a downside to this deed. The only challenge is finding an office-appropriate outfit that is conducive to this kind of exercise. Here are our top three ways to be stylish, smart and speedy.

Pedal Pushers



Whether you prefer a pair of smart slacks or just your favorite black jeans, pants are an easy biking option. Dress them up with a feminine blouse and a blazer to keep your look sophisticated.

Skirted Cycler



If you’ve ever heard that you can’t bike in a skirt, let me take a moment to dispel that myth – women’s bikes are built with a dipped top tube so that the fabric of your skirt will stay below your knees as you pedal. Don’t let your fear of accidentally flashing the world stop you from dressing up your ride!

Coated Coasting



Biking can be windy business, so make sure to bundle up in a cute coat. We like tailored trenches best because they can be protective yet lightweight enough to be breathable (cause, hey, we all sweat)!

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