Office Netflix Queue

Hello lovely Le Tote-ers! It’s time for another week of our office media round-up, and since we’ve been feeling so cozy lately, we’ve decided to compile a list of our Netflix favorites for the rest of you homebodies. Nothing like some good old fashioned cinematic feel good-ery and maybe even a glass of white wine. Oh, go on with your bad self, we don’t judge!


Amelie is nothing if not a charming, whimsical masterpiece. French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet tells the story of Amelie (played by Audrey Tatou), a woman with a childlike sense of adventure and love. Through her spirited lens, we glimpse theatrical vignettes of her neighbors’ lives as she sets about on her mission to make the world a better place one act at a time.


A list of feel good anything would be incomplete without at least one Disney movie, so we’ve dusted off our favorite oldie of the bunch, Robin Hood. In this classic saga, a very foxy Mr. Hood sets out on a wealth-redistribution crusade. With his target set on an infantile lion king and a certain snaky someone, he stops at nothing in bringing a bit of fortune to his group of down and out friends.


Cary Grant and the second Audrey to appear on this list, this time of the Hepburn variety, co-star in Charade, a classic American film with all of the hopeful elements. There’s love, death, excitement, money, trains and, well, you know what they say about a gun in the first act…


Ok so it’s not a movie, but it would seriously worth your while to check out the Parks & Recreation star’s latest stand up endeavor, Aziz Ansari Buried Alive. His oddball combination of cutesie and crass will leave you in stitches and there’s nothing more feel good that a well-needed laugh fest.

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