Office Magazine Rack

In may not be time for September issues yet, but Spring is still a big time for magazines. These installments of art and editorials keep us satiated while also allowing us to pause and reflect periodically in times of information pervasiveness. Here are some publications that keep us current and keep us sane.


Kinfolk is one of our favorite ‘quiet moments’ magazines. Written in the gentle, brushstroke voice of creatives from around the world, this publication dedicates issues to themes that are near and dear. Their latest, volume eleven, takes on the home in three parts – the home for one, two or many.


Okay, full disclosure here – we haven’t exactly gotten our issue of Porter yet but we know it’s going to be amazing. The first ever issue of Net-A-Porter’s recent print venture was released just in time for the Fall 2014 fashion week circuit, hosting their first out of three parties in New York. Knowing what we do about the e-commerce’s commitment to excellence in quality and trend-setting, we can only expect wonders.


Zoe Kravitz graces this month’s issue of Foam, a resource for the young, wild and ambitious. We hear the world a-calling, thanks to this Netherlands-based mag and its latest travel feature.


Before The Sartorialist, before FaceHunter, even before personal style blogs, there was Fruits. Fruits is a magazine of only a few dozen pages an issue featuring nothing but the most outlandish, disorienting, inspiring personal style of Japanese teenagers. Buckling cheerfully under the weight of layers of clothes and teetering on mile high heels, these daring kids will have you trading in that plain white tee for a panda parka in no time.

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