MBFW Roundup: Day 7 (Finale!)

It’s been a long, exciting week for us as we’ve watched MBFW unfold from our San Francisco office. We were excited to see some of our favorite trends from Spring – asymmetric minis and 3D embellishments – carry through to Fall. The season’s color palette gave us a fresh bout of energy and a lot to look forward to with its mixed neutrals, delicate pastels and recurring statement reds. Its rich, heavy fabrics helped cast a more favorable mood on cold weather. Cheers to the great American designers who keep on inspiring, here are our picks from the last day of shows.

Ralph Lauren

34.nocrop.w1800.h1330 10.nocrop.w1800.h1330 1.nocrop.w1800.h1330

J. Mendel

28.nocrop.w1800.h1330 15.nocrop.w1800.h1330 2.nocrop.w1800.h1330

Calvin Klein

22.nocrop.w1800.h1330 19.nocrop.w1800.h1330 8.nocrop.w1800.h1330

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