Valentines Day Gift Guide – for her!

Valentines Day isn’t just about chocolate and jewelry. It’s about giving gifts that are fun, creative, and thoughtful. Okay but maybe we take the first part back, it is kind of about jewelry, flowers and chocolate. Which is why we picked these gifts as our favorite 2014 Valentines Gifts for her!

1. For those of you who need a very last minute gift try a LE TOTE gift subscription! Unlimited clothes? Unlimited jewelry? This is the new little blue box, but it’s bigger and black and white. Plus way more affordable.

Valentines Day Gifts for Her

2. Our friends over at TRUE&CO make the most delicate, affordable, and gorgeous lingerie. We’d buy everything on the site if we could. For those of you looking to get a set for her or a lacy little something, look no further.

true and co - valentines day gift guide

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3. Based in SF? Bloom That sends gorgeous flowers, ridiculously fast. Had a V-day faux pas? Forgot to order her roses, chocolates, and jewelry? Bloom that has your back with flowers and assortments like these.


4. Adorable Watches. Head over to Asos lads. They always have good deals and they’re doing 15% off clearance items, use the code LONGHAUL! These pieces are perfect for every type of girl. The edge-tastic girl, the cute and collected gal, the boho babe, and the Retro chick!

valentines day gift guide - asos watches

5. Rosy Rings Candles. We love Cherry Blossoms, and seeing that this Gift Guide is very San Francisco influenced, we thought this naturally gorgeous Cherry Blossom candle would fit right in. Now if only we could pick the blossoms by our office and make these heaven scented candles ourselves!

valentines day gift ideas for her

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